Codeply Roadmap Updates

As of today, April 11, 2015, Several more items on the Codeply Roadmap have been completed...

Comments & Discussion

The Disqus integration is complete. You can now read and post comments from any saved ply. Just click the comments icon in the top navbar.

No Framework

Don't want to use a responsive framework? You don't have to. Just select 'No Framework' for a plain old HTML starter w/o any frontend CSS or JS.

Load Framework from URL

You can also select the framework directly from the URL by way of /go/p/(framework)_(version). For example, if you want to load MaterializeCSS into the editor, just use:

Responsive framework editor URLs:

Responsive Preview

The responsive viewer has had several changes. You can go directly to to test the responsiveness of any URL. The viewer can also be accessed from the editor by clicking the 'Responsive Viewer' link in the lower right corner viewbar.

Social Sharing of Plys

From the editor metadata menu or responsive viewer, you choose Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share any saved ply. A snapshot of the ply will also be automatically generated and displayed in the social mention/tweet.

I'd really love to hear you feedback on Codeply